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I am ordained by  Interfaith Theological Seminary located in  Universal City, Texas, USA. Interfaith Minister and I am available for any spiritual services for those in need of finding  connection with Divine .
My service is done with reverence for all spiritual traditions.

If you have need for  spiritual service, personalized for your unique individual  spirituality or  forms of traditional great religions do not appeal to you  then you are welcome to my services.

I offer spiritual services tailored to your needs.

ATTENTION: I am not bound with any specific religion or Church, I just facilitate  and create for  you space for  asking  the Source for your needs.

My services include:

  • Blessings of relationships

  • Weddings

  • Divorces

  • Blessings baby naming

  • Confession, catharsis rites

  • Blessings of houses , workplaces, vehicles etc

  • Infusions of positive Energies

  • Spiritual Healing 

  • Spiritual and personal counseling

  • Mystic religious rituals for specific requests



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