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Here you will find in future entrance to English version of my website.

Just for beginning  something about me.

Rev. Arkadiusz Boleslaw Lisiecki, Th.D, D.Div. is from Wroclaw, Poland, and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister through the Esoteric Theological Seminary. He is also a Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki  Master Teacher and Psychic Phenomena Researcher.

Rev. Arkadiusz always seeks opportunity to help fellow people in need. After a profound mystical experience of "Great Beauty in Nature of All Things" in 1994 confirmed by his Korean Buddhism Dharma Master Do Am Su Nim, his life changed greatly. 

Ever since then he has been helping people to have similar experiences on their own. Rev. Arkadiusz still does not neglect his own development because in his opinion, the Teacher who forgets that he is always a Disciple, and most importantly that his own students are his greatest Teachers, is a poor Teacher.

 He is co-founder of the Psychotronical Society of Developing Higher Consciousness "REFUGIUM" [Refuge] in Gdansk Poland where he organized many naturopathic, spiritual and self-development workshops, lectured and led meditation classes. 

In 1997 he attained Master Teacher Degree (with the help of Rev. Robyn A. Harton) and began teaching systems of Spiritual Healing and Development called Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

 He also studied Theosophy, Sufism, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, as well as various forms of healing. Now he is at your service as: a Teacher of Reiki and Spiritual Counsellor who lends a helping hand when you are unsure about your life path. 

Rev. Arkadiusz also actively works as a Healer using in his sure methods, both new and ancient, as learned from the many Wiseman from the far East who regularly visit Poland and Polish excellent healers too.. He has first used all his methods and healing practices on his own person, and then successfully worked with clients. His practice includes: Reiki,  gemstones therapy, aromatherapy,  chromo therapy, Chakra balancing, relaxation, medical radiesthesia,  Angelic Cards and Runes.

He actively disseminates knowledge about alternative spirituality, Neopaganism, and works as a Minister for the alternative communities. 

Above all, his work is about helping others discover the Beauty, Power and Light of the Divine which resides in the heart of all living beings. Constantly reminding the people that we never lost our connection to All Present Divine Love, Beauty and Light, only sometimes we forget about that, we were, are, and will always be part of the Supreme Divine, no matter how we call it.

His first advice for seekers looking for spiritual fulfilment is to start discriminating wants from needs and also to remember there is no one true Divine Revelation for all. Everyone must find it in his/her own Heart. 


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